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Modular Tilt Mount

1. Introduction

The K-Optics Tilt Mount is an optomechanical accessory for mounting optical components such as mirrors, lenses, etc. Most optical setups require a means of mounting optical elements to a breadboard with some desired orientation. Within the K-Optics ecosystem of parts the Tilt Mount is the solution to that problem.

2. Description & Materials

The Tilt Mount is injection molded from carefully and professionally selected engineering grade, glass-filled polymers. It is deliberately designed to grant the user relevant experience with traditional optical setups, all while being completely innovative with its quick-change mechanism which allows practically instantaneous replacement of mounted optical components. Traditionally, one requires a specialized mount for each type and size of optical element. In contrast, the K-Optics Tilt Mount is compatible with a wide variety of components and sizes thereof. It is capable of fine adjustment across three differential screws with a total of 0.25 mm/rev.

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