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This experiment is a hallmark of optics experiments and of optics measurement apparatuses in general. In this experiment users will learn about temporal interference of light as well as the applications and measurements that a Michelson interferometer is capable of. This experiment is assembled on a 2x2 optic table configuration. 


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Michelson Interferometry Experiment (2x2)

SKU: E04

Guidance Archives:

i. Michelson Interferometry - User Guide: here




User Manuals:

i. Michelson Interferometery - User Guide: Download

ii. Optic Table (2 x 2) Assembly instructions Guide: Download



i. Red LASER Module: CLASS 2: VLM-635-60 - Specification Page: Download

ii. Mirror: 25mm Diameter - Specification Page: Download

iii. Plate BeamSplitter: 25mm Diameter (50%R/50%T) - Specification Page: Download

iv. Convex Lens: 25 mm Diameter, 25 mm Focal Length  - Specification Page: Download


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