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CAD Files

Our products supplied with a specific holder or housing, upon the needs of the costumer, although the products are modular and can be equipped with a lot more housings and fittings.

For example, our Modular Tilt Mount is supplied with one optical element housing. Although this product can be used with various kinds of holders and housings: optical components housings, light source holders, Cubic-Beam-Splitter holders and more.
If you wish for costumed holder, please send us request for CAD files (.stl) with the relevant specifications. (Such as: optical element type and dimensions, Modular Tilt Mount type, etc.)

Standard Tilt Holders

1” Lens-Holder
½” Lens-Holder
1” Flat BS Holder – Right
1” Flat BS Holder – Left
20[mm]x20[mm]x20[mm] Cubic Beam Splitter
10[mm]x10[mm]x10[mm] Cubic Beam Splitter
1”x1”x1” Cubic Beam Splitter

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