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Collaboration with the Schwartz/Reisman Science Education Center

In April 2024 we visited the Schwartz/Reisman Science Education Center and saw the use of our kits in the advanced research physics department.

We have supplied the research physics department of the Schwartz/Reisman Science Education Center with two of our kits in order for the teachers and students to try and experiment with them.
The research physics department are students which are conducting research over 2-3 years about a subject of their choosing, this adds to the regular physics lessons which they also study.
We arrived to visit the facility at 08.04.2024 to see their impressions of our kits and how they are using them. We had a tour of the facility and saw the equipment rooms and how they arrange kits for experiments and demonstrations in the classroom. Later on, we saw two of this year’s groups that are conducting research related to optics that were using our kits to create their own experiments.
The first group used our Polarization kit to check how different sugar dosage in water effects the polarization of a laser beam going through it.
The second team used our advanced kit to assemble a Fabry-Pérot interferometer.
Both of these experiments are not included in our guiding pages which shows the versatility of our kits

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