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1. Introduction

At K-Optics, education is our main priority, and to that end, the K-Optics shop offers a variety of products and experiments. Most of our experiments and products can be bought on their own with no additional parts. However, we have made it easier to expand your collection of K-Optics parts, no matter what parts you have previously purchased. Optic tables can be expanded into new configurations, experiments into whole kits, kits into larger kits, and much more.

2. Description and Materials

Add-ons are a way to expand the working capacity of your set of K-Optics parts. While one can purchase most products from the shop, the add-on package is offered for a lower price than the sum of its constituent parts. All K-Optics components are entirely compatible with traditional optical setups. However, the best way to make full use of their modularity and compatibility is by using a setup made of components from the K-Optics ecosystem of parts. All parts of the K-Optics ecosystem are made of specially selected injection molded plastics chosen for their specific characteristics with respect to the usage of the specific part which they make up.

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