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Add-On: Starter to Advanced (2x2)


The K-Optics Add-On: Starter to Advanced (2x2) is a great way to expand your knowledge, and collection, with more advanced concepts in optics. This kit expands the K-Optics Starter’s Kit into the Advanced Kit (2x2). Among the components this kit includes are extensions to the optic table for four times as much working area, as well as various optical components such as mirrors and lenses. In total, this addon package enhances the Starter’s Kit and allows assembly of a new experiment:

Michelson Interferometer

In the Michelson Interferometer Experiment, users will learn about temporal interference and how it can be used to make measurements. A variety of optical components are set up to create a Michelson interferometer, using a red LASER as a coherent light source, resulting in either interference rings or fringes. in the 2x2 setup, users will also use a second beamsplitter to observe the inverse interference pattern projected back to the LASER.

List of Parts

Download Center

User Manuals:

  • Ray Optics Experiment - User Guide: Download

  • Slit Diffraction Experiment- User Guide: Download

  • Michelson Interferometery - User Guide: Download

  • Optic Table (1 x 1): Assembly instructions Guide: Download

  • Optic Table (2 x 1): Assembly instructions Guide: Download

  • Optic Table (2 x 2): Assembly instructions Guide: Download


  • Red LASER Module: CLASS 2: VLM-635-60 - Specification Page: Download

  • Mirror: 25mm Diameter - Specification Page: Download

  • Plate BeamSplitter: 25mm Diameter (50%R/50%T) - Specification Page: Download

  • Double Convex Lens: 25 mm Diameter, 25 mm Focal Length  - Specification Page: Download

  • DOE: Dot to Lines - Specification Page: Download

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