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Advanced Kit (2x1)


The K-Optics Advanced Kit (2x1) is a great tool to experiment with more advanced concepts in optics. This is an affordable, modular setup designed to integrate seamlessly with the K-Optics ecosystem of parts. The kits design is based around injection molded, engineering-grade polymers to reduce costs, but keep many of the stabilizing properties of traditional optic tables. Additionally, its material makeup affords the kit mobility, allowing it to be assembled in one place and taken to another. The Advanced Kit comes equipped with everything needed to perform experiments ranging from beginner level to advanced. The following experiments are included in the kit:

Ray Optics

In the Ray Optics Experiment, users will learn the behavior of light as rays and its characteristics. Reflection, refraction, Snell’s law, and lenses are among the subjects of study in this module.

Slit Diffraction

In the Slit Diffraction Experiment, users will learn about diffraction and spatial interference of light, as behaviors of a wave. Varying sizes and densities of slits are available to afford users a wide range of examples of diffraction and interference. Coherence of waves, in addition to the Huygens principle are among the subjects of study in this module as fundamental principles of interference.

Michelson Interferometer

In the Michelson Interferometer Experiment, users will learn about temporal interference and how it can be used to make measurements. A variety of optical components are set up to create a Michelson interferometer, using a red LASER as a coherent light source, resulting in either interference rings or fringes.

The Advanced Kit is a standalone kit, or an expansion to the Starter’s Kit which includes the Ray Optics and Slit Diffraction experiments. This setup is assembled on a  K-Optics modular optic table which can host a variety of other setups.

List of Parts

Download Center

User Manuals:

  • Ray Optics Experiment - User Guide: Download

  • Slit Diffraction Experiment- User Guide: Download

  • Michelson Interferometery - User Guide: Download

  • Optic Table (1 x 1): Assembly instructions Guide: Download

  • Optic Table (2 x 1): Assembly instructions Guide: Download


  • Red LASER Module: CLASS 2: VLM-635-60 - Specification Page: Download

  • Mirror: 25mm Diameter - Specification Page: Download

  • Plate BeamSplitter: 25mm Diameter (50%R/50%T) - Specification Page: Download

  • Double Convex Lens: 25 mm Diameter, 25 mm Focal Length  - Specification Page: Download

  • DOE: Dot to Lines - Specification Page: Download

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